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June 19 2017

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June 16 2017

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smells mighty mossy under this canopy

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June 14 2017


June 13 2017

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June 12 2017

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Moebius (Jean Giraud) with with Alejandro Jodorowsky,  'Les Yeux du Chat’ (The Eyes of the Cat), 1978

Proszę pana, ja jestem umysł ścisły. Mnie się podobają melodie, które już raz słyszałem. Po prostu. No... To... Poprzez... No, reminiscencję. No jakże może podobać mi się piosenka, którą pierwszy raz słyszę.
— Inż. Mamoń
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June 10 2017

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June 09 2017

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The box says “telephone” but all my experience says “save point before TERRIBLE boss fight”

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June 08 2017

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June 07 2017


June 04 2017

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May 31 2017

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T. Lux Feininger. Mask for the Bauhaus Stage on the Roof of the Bauhaus School. 1928

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May 28 2017

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May 27 2017

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Elliott Erwitt :: Rodin sculpture and couple, Tate Modern, London, 1993

May 25 2017

May 23 2017

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